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School/Rainy Day

Coldplay - Unreleased Tracks

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Coldplay - School/Rainy Day

Will Champion confirmed in an interview that School used to be an intro to Rainy Day, before being re-used forDeath And All His Friends.


32/ pictures of Chris Martin

Anonymous: Omfg you just made me think how long I've been listening them and now I'm traumatized!


3 years

i have listened to coldplay for 3 years that’s really fucking weird

Anonymous: i read your post about how you made the decision to start running and wow it really inspired me to start doing that too! except it seems so impossible?? i cant run at all. how long were your runs when you first started? how long did it take to work up to 30km? i really want to get better but i dont know how to start :(

hello baby! first of all I’M SO GLAD IT INSPIRED YOU!

just remember that you CAN run and you CAN do ANYTHING if you want to - you just need to put your heart into it. the way i started was to gain more confidence first. i had to have confidence in myself and know that when i run outside, no one really gave a fuck that an overweight pile of fat was running through the streets and up hills. in fact, they probably wouldn’t even notice me because they were keeping their eyes on the road. instead of running first, i walked around the block for about 5-10 minutes. then i ran up a massive hill near my house, which was my first real circuit - that took about half an hour to walk. then i ran around the block and up the hill, which took 25 minutes - half an hour. i gradually began to increase the amount of times i ran up the hill until it took me 45 minutes to complete my circuit. by the time doing 30km came around, i was 6 months into losing weight and i was confident and determined that i was going to complete it..i honestly don’t remember if i was fit enough for it, but i remember the amount of pain i was in when i walked through the big “FINISH” sign after the 30km. it hurt, but i did it. it was the biggest achievement of last year, and it also brought my confidence up even more.

run on flat ground, run up big, massive hills, run anywhere and everywhere, and don’t be ashamed to do it. life is too short to not constantly physically improve yourself. little steps are the best steps - don’t overdo it on the first run! be gradual with your progress. good luck <3


Spent my super sweet 16th at the art gallery #whitegirl

my privileged white girl <3333



ah yes the classic band Coldlay I love their work

Coldlay: The Musical Porno



Guy and the Yellow balloons ^^ [x]


Behind the Magic with Chris Martin and Ziyi Zhang [x]

Chris Martin @ Magic behind the scenes


how dumb is it that we’ve created words we arent supposed to use




Map of European leaders.

this is highly disturbing


I like this trend. I hereby decree that all maps be replaced with this highly intuitive system.

does anyone understand how terrifying this is

3 years ago today i got into coldplay. best decision of my entire life